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How to use the Polaroid Now+ camera

You’ve got ideas. You’ve got our most creative camera. Next up? How to use it. Here’s Kenny to take you through all the ins and outs of your new Polaroid Now+ camera, or read on below for a step-by-step guide to help you get started.


Your Polaroid Now+ camera connects to the Polaroid mobile app to unlock more creative tools than any other analog instant camera. Once you’ve charged your camera, download the Polaroid mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Switch on Bluetooth® wireless technology inside your phone. Open the app and tap ‘Now+’ from the menu. Tap ‘OK’ to give permission. The +Button will light up solid blue. You’re now connected.

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The Polaroid Now+ uses i-Type and 600 film. To insert the film pack, press the film eject door, and insert the pack with the darkslide facing up and the tab facing toward you. Leave that tab, you’ll need it later to remove the empty film pack.

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When your film pack ejects the darkslide, carefully lift the film shield and let it roll back in. The film shield is a precious little thing: it protects your Polaroid photos from light, so don’t tear it out. Just let it roll back into the camera. Now you’ve got 8 photos ready to go.

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Add more color, contrast, and light flare to your ideas with a lens filter. The Polaroid Now+ comes with 5 of them in one handy pouch. To add a colored filter, press it over the lens. For the starburst and red vignette filters, turn until the small notch aligns with the light meter at the bottom of the lens. You’ll hear a click, and now you’re ready to create.

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