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    Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 i-Type Instant Camera + 5 lens filters

    € 149.99

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      Mobile connectivity to unlock more creative features through Polaroid App

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      Classic look made of 40% recycled materials

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      Works with our iconic full size Polaroid film

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      Comes with 5 lens filters

    The app-connected Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 instant camera gives you creative control through the Polaroid App: Aperture priority, light painting, double exposure, self-timer, manual mode and more—plus 5 lens filters you can attach to the camera. All in a classic design, and now made with 40% recycled materials. Compatible with Polaroid i-Type & 600 film in the original Polaroid instant film format.

    Real Life is beautifully imperfect

    Sometimes it's messy and unexpected. It's beautifully imperfect - just like Polaroid Photography. Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 instant camera out now.

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    Capture creatively

    Create beautiful imperfection in all its forms by unlocking extra camera features through the Polaroid mobile app. From aperture priority, experimental light painting to manual mode and more.

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    Real life looks good in every color

    5 lens filters including starbust, red vignette, orange, blue and yellow let you experiment with your shots. Comes complete with a zip-through pouch to keep them safe.

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    Classic look, better materials

    The iconic camera retains its style, but is now made with 40% recycled materials.

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    Capture with Polaroid Film

    The Polaroid Now+ is compatible with our original, iconic, beautifully imperfect Polaroid Film - including Polaroid i-Type & 600 film.

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    Autofocus 2-lens system

    In other words: take sharper shots. The Polaroid Now+ selects which lens is suitable, meaning you can take beautiful photos in more places, more often, with less hassle — even without the flash.

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    Accurate, human-friendly flash system

    A flash system designed to make everyone look how they actually look.

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    Tripod mount

    Set up the perfect shot and create cinematic photos with a tripod mount and mode (selected through the Polaroid App).

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    Double Exposure

    Dreamy. Artistic. Get two shots in the one Polaroid frame.

    How to use the Polaroid Now+ camera

    You’ve got ideas. You’ve got our most creative camera. Next up? How to use it. Here’s Kenny to take you through all the ins and outs of your new Polaroid Now+ camera or check out the step-by-step guide to help you get started.

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