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Join the revival of analog instant photography with the new Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 camera

First introduced 40 years ago, the original Polaroid OneStep camera is one of the most iconic cameras of all time. The best-selling camera in the US – instant or conventional – for four consecutive years after its launch, it has endured as a pop culture icon and continues to influence creativity and self-expression into the 21st century.

The Original is Back for CES. Polaroid Originals is bringing back analog instant photography straight from its iconic roots – reinvented for today.

With the launch of Polaroid Originals last September, the brand that invented instant photography in 1947 went back into the business of analog instant photography. Polaroid Originals is reinventing analog instant photography for today, rooted in theiconic cultural status of the brand that inspired countless artists and became part of popular culture.

Polaroid Showcases Family of Instant Digital Products at 2018 CES Offering Modern Capability and Nostalgic Fun

At this year’s CES, Polaroid is showcasing its latest innovations in instant digital photography and printing technology including the Polaroid Pop, Polaroid Snap Touch, Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Zip. Polaroid instant digital products combine a sleek, modern design and digital camera technology with ZINK instant prints and the Polaroid classic border which isreminiscent of the brand’s retroinstant print cameras, providing fun for all ages. These latest offerings will be on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 9-12, 2018, at Booth #16615.

Polaroid Debuts the Polaroid Master Professional 3D 360 Camera Exclusively for the Asian Market at CES 2018

Polaroid is debuting the Polaroid Master 3D 360 camera, a professional grade 360 camera available exclusively in Asia, at CES 2018. The Polaroid Master was designed to capture moments in true 3D panorama, offering an immersive experience ideal for VR content. The camera will be on display in the Polaroid booth (#16615 in Central Hall) at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 9-12.

Polaroid Launches its First Amazon Alexa-Enabled Speakers at CES 2018

Polaroid will be debuting two new Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers at CES 2018. ThePolaroid PWF1001, a voice activated mini speaker, and the Polaroid PWF1002 Wi-Fi speaker both have Alexa built in, allowing users to speak directly to Alexa, the cloud-based voice service from Amazon, through the devices. The new line of speakers is slated for release later this month in the United States and will be on display in the Polaroid booth (#16615 in Central Hall)at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Polaroid Unveils Two New 3D Pens for the European Market at CES 2018

Polaroid, the iconic imaging and technology brand, is unveiling two new 3D pens for the European market at CES 2018 in partnership with European 3D partner EBP (Environmental Business Products). These new devices offer unique elements that enhance the user experience and build upon key features of the Polaroid Play 3D pen, which was unveiled last year at CES 2017. All three pens will be on display, for people to give them a try, in the Polaroid booth-- Central Hall # 16615.

Polaroid Announces New Electronics for the European Market at CES 2018

Polaroid is debuting a new line of products for the European market at CES 2018, held in Las Vegas from January 9th-12th. The new product offering exclusively for the European market includes TVs, projectors, tablets and smartphones. The full line will be on display at the Polaroid booth (#16615 in Central Hall).

Polaroid Debuts New Range of 3D Printers at CES 2018

Polaroid Adds Four Easy-to-Use Consumer 3D Printers to Line Offering a Wide Range of 3D Printing Options

Polaroid Showcases New Smartphones for the Latin American Market at CES 2018

At CES 2018, Polaroid will showcase the latest smartphones available exclusively for the Latin American market. Created with the goal of accessibility for all consumers, these new phones bring the latest mobile technology to consumers and at an affordable price point. The new line of smartphones will be on display at the Polaroid booth (#16615) in Central Hall from January 9th-12th.

Polaroid Celebrates the Return of the Original at CES

Polaroid Celebrates the Return of the Original at CES Classic Analog Instant Cameras & Film Headline a Range of Exciting New Products on Display at CES 2018

Polaroid Originals, a new brand dedicated to analog instant photography, will make its CES debut at this year’s show.On display from Polaroid Originals will be the Polaroid OneStep 2, the brand’s new instant analog camera that debuted in September 2017 to mark the 80th anniversary of the Polaroid brand. The PolaroidOneStep 2 will appear alongside the latest consumer electronics offerings from the Polaroid brand in booth #16615 located in Central Hall January 9-12.

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Return of the Original

Polaroid Originals is the new brand dedicated to reinventing analog instant photography for the modern era. It introduces a new generation of original format instant film, with color, black & white, and a range of special editions to choose from. The new film features the same textural quality and magical aesthetic that Polaroid is famous for. It is available for modern analog instant cameras like the OneStep 2, as well as for key vintage Polaroid camera formats. Dedicated to keeping the legacy alive, Polaroid Originals also sells fully refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras.

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