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Polaroid I-2 Camera - Layer-up with Multiple Exposures

Create something dreamlike. Something wonderful and unexpected. Here’s how to use your I-2 to layer multiple exposures together into a singularly unique photo.

1. Set Multiple Exposures mode to pick the number of images you want combined in one multiple exposure photo by turning the selection dial (2 to 4).

2. The Polaroid I-2 camera automatically calculates the correct exposure for the given number of exposures and the values are locked by half-pressing the shutter button before taking your first photo.

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3. The general rule is your first photo should be quite dark, so the parts that are dark can be re-exposed on the next shot. Try your first photo as a backlit subject (without flash).

4. Try your second photo as a texture or repetitive pattern; it’s best to remember which parts of the first photo were bright or dark to place something interesting inside the dark area of the first image to expose them again.

5. Experiment with different backgrounds, turning the flash on and off between the first and second photo or take multiple shots of the same subject doing different things using a tripod for consistent framing.

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