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Try these new Polaroid Now+ creative tools.

The Polaroid Now+ camera is unlike any other analog instant camera. It connects to the Polaroid mobile app to unlock more creative tools than ever before. Learn more about them with Kenny in our how-to video or follow the step-by-step guide below.

Tripod Mode

Shift into the director’s seat with tripod mode. A new app tool that allows for up to 60-minute long exposures in low light — minus the flash. Tripod mode keeps the camera shutter open for longer to let light in, giving you a sharp Polaroid photo in moody, low-light conditions.

Steps to start creating:
Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Tripod’. Use the tripod mount on the Polaroid Now+ camera and a tripod or table to steady your shot. Keep the flash away to let the natural light and hues seep into your photo. Make sure your talent stays still too to avoid any blurring.

Polaroid Now+ Tripod Mode

Aperture Priority

The easier way to control focus in your photos. Go from sharp faces to blurred backgrounds in just one swipe. A new Polaroid Now+ tool to help every creative use depth of field.

Steps to start creating:
Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Aperture’. Select your f-stop and let the Polaroid Now+ camera find the best exposure time. A lower f-stop (e.g. f2) will give your photo a blurry background, while a higher f-stop (e.g. f32) will get more of your composition in focus. To play with depth of field, position your props and talent at different distances.

Polaroid Now+ Aperture Priority

Light Painting

Make the darkness your canvas with light painting. Flick on your phone flashlight and craft your idea in the sky using words, shapes or whatever you can imagine for a Polaroid photo you could never plan.

Steps to start creating:
Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Light Painting’. Once you tap the button, the shutter on the Polaroid Now+ opens for a long exposure. Use any light source, but the brighter the better. Try a handheld light or use the app to switch on your phone flashlight.

Polaroid Now+ Light Painting

Double Exposure

Get two moves in one with double exposure. Mix angles, layer ideas and clash influences together inside one Polaroid photo. With our famous film chemistry, you can expect the unexpected.

Steps to start creating:
Connect to the Polaroid mobile app and select ‘Double Exposure’. Capture your first angle to fill one side of the frame. Once the first exposure is taken, the app tells you that the camera is ready for the second. Remember where your first exposure was taken and create some space to capture the second exposure. Mix in a new shape or angle to make it more abstract.

Polaroid Now+ Double Exposure

Manual Mode

Let your ideas loose and get total control over your Polaroid Now+ with Manual Mode. Adjust aperture, shutter speed and flash strength, while also keeping your exposure in check. You can also choose between portrait and landscape lenses, and decide when to eject the film. This is handy if you want to take multiple exposures in one photo or need to take photos in silence.

Polaroid Now+ Manual Mode

Custom Shortcut

Want to go phone-free? A custom shortcut makes creating easier. Choose your favorite mode from the app and send it direct to your Polaroid Now+ camera to use whenever you like — without needing to connect your phone. To set a custom shortcut, go to your favorite mode within the app and press the +Button at the top of the screen. Now this mode is saved in your camera and there’s no slowing your creative flow.

Polaroid Now+ Custom Shortcut

We’re always adding new creative tools to the Polaroid mobile app. Keep your app updated to make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest. You can find the Polaroid mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

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