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    Color SX-70 Film Triple Pack

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      100% Polaroid chemistry

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      Created in the last Polaroid film factory in the world

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      Iconic Polaroid aesthetic

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      Compatible with Polaroid I-2 and SX-70 cameras

    Film that’s made especially for Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Color SX-70 film has a lower film speed (ASA) to give you photos with richer texture and finer grain. Just make sure you always shoot with lots of natural light.

    Please note: There is currently a lot of demand for our film, and we’re working hard to ship as much film as we can from our factory in the Netherlands. Unfortunately it means that SX-70 film will be out of stock from time to time while we ramp up our production. Rest assured, we will keep producing it. Sign up to the back in stock notification to be the first to know when SX-70 film comes back in stock!

    The original format

    The first film that developed in front of your eyes. When this film was released in 1972, it was described as ‘magic’. Just push the shutter button and watch the photo develop then and there - no human contact needed. It’s loved for its rich aesthetics. No wonder it’s still used by artists, professionals, and dreamers.

    8 instant photographs in that original Polaroid square format and finished in a white frame.

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