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Polaroid Classic

Iconic. Visionary. Innovative. Polaroid Classic celebrates photography as defined by Polaroid cameras with special products from Impossible.

Refurbished Instant Cameras
Polaroid's Sun 660 Instant Camera was one of the original box camera designs. Now available as a refurbished camera from Impossible with all the iconic stylings of the original. The Sun 660 uses PX600, PX680 and 600 film and develops those dreamy photos you remember from the '80s.

Instant Film
Impossible's PX 680 Color Protection Film works with all Polaroid 600 Cameras. This film delivers never-before-seen color saturation and sharpness with stunning image quality.

Polaroid's Final Production Instant Film Twin Pack by Impossible can be used in all Polaroid Image and Spectra cameras. Produced during the final production run in 2008, it is the last of Polaroid's original instant film. Refrigerated since its date of production, this film has been regularly tested and passed all quality inspections by Impossible. It features Polaroid's signature soft tones and the legendary artistic characteristics of instant photography.

This Polaroid Classic Factory Jacket, emblazoned with the legendary Polaroid rainbow stripe, was recreated by Impossible based on the originals found at the Enschede (NL) Polaroid factory. Featuring hi-tech microfibers, the narrow cut jacket is lightweight and very wearable.

Gift Items
The Polaroid Classic Do-It-Yourself Paper Model Camera Kit by Impossible makes you the proud owner of (6) legendary, analog instant cameras. These models are fun to build and painstakingly perfect in every way, including mini faux instant photos that develop when rubbed.


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Instantly recognizable. Instantly reassuring. The Polaroid Classic Border lets you know you’ve purchased a product that exemplifies the best qualities of our brand and that contributes to our rich heritage of quality and innovation.

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