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    Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

    £ 119.99

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      Transform digital photos from your phone into real life Polaroid photographs

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      Printing on 100% Polaroid chemistry

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      Polaroid photo collages made easy

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      Bring your photos to life through Augmented Reality in the Polaroid App

    From phone to Polaroid film: turn your best digital shots into real life Polaroid photos with the Polaroid Lab printer. Print your phone’s shots using 100% Polaroid chemistry, and connect to the Polaroid App to create split frame collages and even moving Augmented Reality photos.

    Compatible with Polaroid i-Type & 600 film in the classic Polaroid instant film format.

    How to use the Polaroid Lab printer

    Here’s Oskar to take you through the Polaroid Lab printer. to help you get started and unlock all the creative features.

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    Collages made easy

    Create collages more easily with the Polaroid app. Connect to the Lab and turn one image into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition you like. Watch the How to create a collage with the Polaroid Lab video to learn more about this feature.

    Make sure to stock up on film for your Lab to enjoy the collage feature.

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