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Unlike other photo printers, the Polaroid Lab develops an analog photograph — not a digital one. The Polaroid Lab exposes the digital moment from your smartphone onto instant film, using 100% real chemistry. The result? A photograph with that unique Polaroid analog aesthetic made from decades-old chemistry. The Polaroid Lab is best enjoyed at home. Turn last year’s photo gallery into an album, or create that collage you’ve always wanted.

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Hi·Print 2x3

For portable and playful printing try our new generation Bluetooth® pocket photo printer. Connect with your smartphone and print high quality digital prints from anywhere. Each pocket-sized print has a self-adhesive back, so once you print, you can stick your creation on walls, laptops, or wherever your heart desires. It also comes with a free mobile app featuring extra creative tools to add some personality to your content. It’s a seriously premium printer for your not-so-serious ideas.

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Compare our collection of smartphone Polaroid printers. If you’re looking for an authentic analog experience, try the Polaroid Lab instant photo printer. It transforms photos on your smartphone into a real Polaroid photograph you can hold. For portable printing, try our new digital Polaroid phone printer. Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 turns your internet screenshots and phone moments in a high quality, sticky print. It’s the Polaroid mobile printer your imagination needs.

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