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Review Terms & Conditions

Product reviews

1. What is a product review and who can write it?

A product review is an opinion of a customer about a product. Everyone that has bought a product on our website can write a review. 

2. Why does Polaroid gather and display product reviews?

Because we would like to help our customers make informed purchasing decisions. One of the ways to do this is through sharing experiences of customers who already have bought and used the product. We think product reviews from our users are extremely helpful. In the end, who knows better what information a customer needs than another customer?

3. When do you receive a request to write a review?

After purchasing the product, you'll receive a review request from us via email. You can unsubscribe from this mailing via the unsubscribe link in the review email. We only ask you to review the same product once.

4. How does the review system work?

After your purchase, we'll ask you to write a review which includes the following the items? input on the following items:

  • Would you recommend this product?
  • Yes, I'd recommend it
  • No, I wouldn't recommend it
  • Your rating from 1 - 5 stars for the product overall.
  • Optional: your product experience
  • Optional: a title of the review
  • Optional: product images

5. How does Polaroid calculate the scores?

We don't use any complicated calculations and all reviews hold the same amount of value. The average score is the average of all the reviews. All the numbers are added up and divided by the total number of reviews.

6. When does a review become visible?

To prevent fake reviews, misuse, and/or coarse language, all reviews need to be verified and approved by us before they become visible. As a result, it can take a few days before a review becomes visible on the website.

7. How does Polaroid treat negative product reviews?

We treat all reviews the same way.

8. What is a helpful review? 

A useful product review describes your experience with our products, both positive and negative. Through the star rating you’re able to express your overall experience with our product and via the text field you can share information about how you got to your star rating like specifications, functionalities and the perceived quality of the product.

9. How is the (automatic) ranking of the reviews determined?

You can decide for yourself how you want to rank the reviews on a product page:

  • Most helpful
  • Most stars
  • Fewest stars
  • Newest
  • Oldest

The standard ranking is set to the 'Most helpful' reviews. This selection is made based on the number of thumbs (up or down) that the review has received. We always place our own expert reviews at the top.

Reviews of Polaroid

10. Does every customer receive a request to review Polaroid?

No, we only send part of the customers a review request. Other customers receive an invitation for a customer satisfaction survey, unless a customer has already received a review request or customer satisfaction survey 3 weeks before. We also don’t send a review request for the same product more than once.

11. Which platform does Polaroid use to send the invitations?

The platform we use to collect and manage our reviews is Yotpo.

12. Does Polaroid display reviews from other platforms?

Yes, we think the more reviews are available for our customers to help them decide on the purchase of our products the better. Since our products are also sold through other outlets than our own online store, we do feature reviews which are gathered by our partners.

13. Does Polaroid send invitations to leave a review on other review platforms?

No, we don’t send customers an invitation to leave a review on any other websites like price comparison websites. It is possible to leave a review on those platforms without an invitation.

14. Can I post a negative review of a Polaroid product?

We want you to write an honest review about your experience with the product, whether this is positive or negative. However, we do expect you to write your review in a respectful way.For feedback about the overall purchasing experience, we send out NPS surveys to our customers. 

Reliability of reviews

15. How does Polaroid check the authenticity of reviews?

We think it's important that only genuine reviews are shown on our website. That's why we only invite you to write a review when you purchase a product from us on our website. All reviews are verified and approved by us.

We only disapprove a review when it doesn’t meet our requirements, which include without limitation:

  • the review is shorter than 4 words;
  • the review contains contact information like phone numbers, addresses, and URLs;
  • the review contains websites or YouTube channels;
  • the review only describes the service from Polaroid and doesn't touch upon the product. A short reference to our service in a couple of sentences is allowed, but the review should mainly be about the product.
  • the review specifically mentions the current price of the product;
  • the review contains hurtful language, such as terms of abuse or discrimination.
  • the review is written in a different language than English.
  • the review contains a photo that's irrelevant for the product type.
  • the review describes a product that is not from Polaroid, but from another third party, including a Polaroid licensee;
  • the review describes a different product than the product you’ve purchased; 
  • a customer with an identical profile name and/or IP address has already written a review about the product.

That means a review is allowed to have spelling mistakes, consist of a single sentence, or express a negative opinion about the product.

Editing and removing reviews

16. When can a review be edited or removed?

We only edit or remove a review at request of the customer or when a review doesn’t meet our requirements.If you would like your review to be edited or removed, please contact our Customer Service at [email protected].

17. Does Polaroid keep record of reviews that are removed?

No, we don't keep record or retain any data or document with respect to removed reviews.

Old reviews for new or renewed products

18. Does Polaroid show reviews of older products for new or renewed products?

No, our products differ too much from each other to re-use reviews. We do show the same reviews across multiple variants. For example, if we launch an existing camera in a new color we will display the reviews from the original color on the new variant as well.

Rewarded reviews

19. Does Polaroid also offer a fee or a reward to post reviews?

We don't post reviews on our website where the customer has been paid for by us or rewarded for in any way (e.g. a cash back, discount, or free product in exchange for writing a review).

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