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New Cameras

Our latest analog instant cameras in the iconic shapes that make them uniquely Polaroid. Complete with a rechargeable battery.


Meet your new experimental sidekick. The Polaroid Now+ is our connected analog instant camera with even more creative tools. Experiment with 5 lens filters, and unlock extra tools inside the Polaroid mobile app. Imagine more control, more freedom, and more creativity with the camera that knows no limits.

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If you're the creator type who's finding inspiration everywhere, the Polaroid Go camera is for you. Our newest and tiniest member of the Polaroid family is your portable, wearable partner in creativity. With double exposure, self-timer, and a selfie-mirror, the sky's the limit to your creativity—not the size. Go create with Polaroid Go.

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If you’re new to analog instant photography, this one’s for you. Our new Polaroid Now camera is best at capturing everyday moments. Thanks to autofocus and accurate flash you can take sharp portrait photos day or night. You can also flex your creativity thanks to the easy-to-use double exposure feature. A colorful camera for every occasion.

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Instant Printers

Another way to enjoy that analog photography without needing to be a Polaroid photographer.


For those who love that analog aesthetic but prefer to take photos on their phone. Unlike other photo printers, the Polaroid Lab uses 100% film chemistry. It exposes your digital moment onto film to give you a Polaroid photograph you can hold. It’s like a desktop darkroom you can enjoy at home; turn last year’s photo gallery into an album, or create that collage you’ve always wanted.

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