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Meet the Polaroid Radio Curators

Polaroid Radio. It’s our experimental take on internet radio where humans—not algorithms—decide what’s played. 5 unique, sonic worlds that feature the best up-and-coming and established artists out there. The curators? Individualistic. Idiosyncratic. Inspiring. You can learn more about them, and their unique Polaroid Radio stations, right here.

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The Curators of Heatwave

The artists behind the ‘eternal sounds of summer’

ABOE and Rachel Grace Almeida have put together the sweltering station, Heatwave. It'll throw you feet-first into a crowded street party, soundsystems blasting late into the night. Think Reggaeton, Dancehall, Hip- Hop, Afrobeats, Latin Pop, Amapiano.


ABOE (A Bit of Everything) (@Aboeworldwide), first made waves as a party and has since grown into a community. The collective is known for spreading Afrobeats, House and R&B across Europe – you can catch them hosting radio shows on No Signal, selling merch and supporting emerging designers at Yard Sales, and inspiring the next generation of London’s creatives.

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“Radio Heatwave is a station that's going to make you feel like it's summer regardless of when you're listening. We begin with popular genres that we all know well but want to use this opportunity to delve deeper into smaller sub-genres such as hi-life, afro-jazz, baile funk etc as well as covering a wider range of eras.”

Rachel Grace Almeida

Rachel Grace Almeida (@_rachelgrace) is a Venezuelan writer, editor and music curator, with an NTS Radio residency exploring the expansive sounds of Latin America. Currently based in Berlin, Rachel is currently Deputy Editor of renowned music and culture publication Crack Magazine.

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“I want everyone to be transported to a beachside marquesina party. In Caribbean Latin America, specifically Puerto Rico, these DIY raves are the very essence of our culture – they’re rowdy, built on mutual love and understanding, completely alive.”
- Rachel Grace Almeida

Are you ready to move? You can listen to Heatwave here.

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The Curator of Iris

The artist who’ll inspire you to ‘mist those plants, dim the lights, and burn that incense’

You can thank Hannah Faith for the quiet storm of soothing slow-burners that is Iris. A station that’ll have you enjoying a meditative combination of Neo-soul, lush hip-hop and cool breezes.

Hannah Faith

London-based DJ.Sound Curator. Hannah Faith (@Hannahfaith) has spun on numerous Boiler Room sets, played on Gilles Peterson's radio station, Worldwide FM, performed countless international shows with the support of LA-based label Soulection—and even featured on their radio show on Apple Music's Beats.

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“The mood of Iris is to reflect moments of optimism, I want people to tune in and feel like they have been transported somewhere where it’s warm, whether that's indoors on a cool summers evening flicking through records or relaxing in the park with friends, either way, the station is to ooze positive energy through the soundwaves.”
- Hannah Faith

You can lose/find yourself in Iris here.

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The Curator of Royal Pine

The artist behind the ‘uplifting anthems with real roots’

Royal Pine is the music-dreamscape of Bianca Lexis. A station that’s all about big blue skies and tight harmonies, deep green forests and folk guitars, and dub reggae echoing off the lake. It’s Folk, Dream Pop, Rock, Soul, Reggae, and Psychedelia all astrally projected onto one Polaroid Radio station.

Bianca Lexis

Bianca Lexis (@bianca__lexis) is an LA-based selector with a keen ear. After inheriting her dad’s new wave records, she began immersing herself in the underground music scene, embracing everything from folk, disco and house to synth pop and post-punk. Her open-minded approach to music discovery is reflected in her monthly radio shows on NTS and dublab. Beyond the waves, you can catch her playing at beloved late-night LA parties like A Club Called Rhonda and Moony Habits, as well as intimate club spaces all over the globe.

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“Basically, the main idea behind the station is “Road Music”. I wanted it to have that sense of exploration through space — but also through time. I wanted it to feel earthy, communal, and acoustic. Peaceful, comforting, diverse, fun. A place to learn something.”
- Bianca Lexis

If you’re pining for Royal Pine, it’s right here.

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The Curator of Itchy Teeth

The artist behind ‘where pop gets weird’

Welcome to a sun-shower of psychedelic, lo-fi weirdness; welcome to Eric Morris’s Itchy Teeth. On this station, nothing’s conventional, whether that be Pop, Rap, or Punk. The only rule on Itchy Teeth is that it’s weird, and that it’s “alt”: Alt-Pop, Alt-Indie, Alt-Rap, Alt-R&B, Alt Rock, and Alt everything else.

Eric Morris aka Laura Lisbon

Eric Morris, aka Laura Lisbon, aka @cyberexboyfriend, is a 25-year-old YouTuber, TikToker, producer and photographer. A child of the internet, Laura’s broad and expansive music taste includes pop, shoegaze, trip-hop and hip-hop. Away from Polaroid Radio, you’ll likely scroll into him on TikTok and YouTube sharing reviews and hot takes. When he’s not listening to music, you can find him making tunes himself or watching anime.

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“I wanted Itchy teeth to feel like the present. Which is hard to say because the music that’s popular now, is the sound of the past, while also being the songs of the past. It’s easy to repackage nostalgia, and it’s harder to do it right, but it’s hardest to embrace the new and present.”
- Eric Morris aka Laura Lisbon

Head here to get weird and listen to Itchy Teeth.

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The Curators of Polychrome

The artists behind the ‘rave in a kaleidoscope’

Polychrome station is the sonic brainchild of Girls Don’t Sync and Josh T. Dedicated to House, Garage, Electronica, Electro-pop, Rave, Techno and all the far-orbiting sub-genres, it's a multi-colored, multi-genre fantasyland.

Girls Don’t Sync

@girlsdontsync are an all-female group of DJs, producers and curators bringing inclusivity and energy to dancefloors. Matty Chiabi, Sophia Violet, Hannah Lynch and G33 formed Girls Don’t Sync in summer 2021, and exploded onto the scene with one of the year’s most-watched Mixmag Labs. Their fresh take on UKG, house and bass has made them a must-see act at a range of festivals worldwide.

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Josh T

As a DJ and radio host, Josh T (@joshth0mas) has performed at Dimensions, We Out Here, Soundwave festivals and featured on NTS, Balamii and Netil Radio. Josh is also co-founder of music platform Commune. He has been a key player in London’s music scene for over a decade, working as a festival curator, creative director, producer, cultural programmer and mentor.

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“We set out to create an electronic music station that feels inclusive and dynamic, effortlessly moving through different eras and styles. I wanted to include music from right across the rich 40 year history of dance music, paying dues to the pioneers while shining a light on the new generation of producers and musicians currently on the rise.”
- Josh T

You can enter the kaleidoscopic rave right here.

A big part of Polaroid Music is keeping the music human—to extract ourselves from the eerily algorithmic way we’re all fed tunes. Polaroid Radio is at the heart of this, and it wouldn’t be possible without the inspiring artists above. To get Polaroid Radio, download the app, or listen to it on your laptop. And of course, if you haven’t got a Player yet, check out the full collection!

Polaroid radio is available in the following countries: United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Austria.

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