Firmware Update for Rainbow Border Paper Printing

For use with ZINK® paper-compatible cameras and printers, 2 x 3" Premium ZINK Rainbow Photo Paper from Polaroid signals your printer to create a solid color border in 5 vibrant, randomly chosen colors around your image.


Step 1

Download this .zip file to your computer and unzip it.


Step 2

Make sure you have an SD card inserted into your Polaroid Snap instant digital camera, and that your camera is turned on. Connect your camera to your computer.

Step 3

When your camera appears on your desktop, save the downloaded file to your Polaroid Snap.

Step 4

Turn your camera off, then back on, to restart and begin the update.

Polaroid Step 4
Polaroid Step 4

Step 5

While your firmware updates, the LED lights will turn red for 30 seconds.

Polaroid Step 5

Step 6

Your camera will beep to let you know the update is complete...

Polaroid Step 6

Step 7

... and then it will power off.

Polaroid Snap is sleeping

Step 8

Turn your camera back on again (close and open the viewfinder). Your new firmware will be up and running.

Snap Away!

Polaroid Snap camera in action