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    Polaroid P2 Bluetooth Speaker

    € 79.99

    € 129.99


    • Portable speaker - shoulder-strap, no strap - your choice​

    • Tuned for a warm and powerful sound​

    • Browse internet radio stations using the old school dial

    • Press the heart button to save your favorite songs.

    • Sync two P2 Speakers together to create a stereo pair​

    The Polaroid P2 Speaker is twice as powerful as the Polaroid P1 and it’s also a wearable speaker. The Polaroid P2 speaker is the first player in the line-up to work with all the features of the Polaroid Music App - letting you discover new music browsing your favorite internet radio stations with just a spin of the analog dial. It also has a physical heart button built in to identify and save the songs you love without touching your phone. It’s powerful for its size, easily portable, colorful, and iconic in design.

    Let music take control.

    The free Polaroid Music app lets you control your Polaroid speaker with its analog dial, so you can change the music without picking up your phone. Available for Polaroid P2, P3 and P4 speakers.

    Get the App:

    App Store / Google Play

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    Use two to tango.

    Sync two P2 Speakers together for stereo sound that’s twice as nice.

    Stand out.

    Get a hold of this: Polaroid P2 comes with a wrist strap, so you can wear your favorite music on your sleeve. Wrap it around your wrist and away you go.

    Check out the video to discover all general features.

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