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    Polaroid P1 Stereo Sound Set

    Polaroid P1 Music Player
    Polaroid P1 Music Player
    • Our most portable music player

    • Up to 10 hours of playback time

    • 2 P1 players to pair together for stereo sound

    For stereo sound that’s twice as nice. The Polaroid P1 Stereo Sound Set comes with two of our smallest and most portable Polaroid speakers. Gift one to a friend, or tap both together for stereo sound. Designed for smaller spaces and intimate gatherings, pass it around and let the music flow.

    Use two to tango.

    Tap two P1 Players together for stereo sound that’s twice as nice.

    Any vibe, anywhere.

    The Polaroid P1 comes with a handy carabiner clip. Just squeeze it and clip it to you, so the tunes can always tag along.

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