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    Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera - Keith Haring Edition

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    Behind the Polaroid Now

    Point, shoot, and keep: it’s that simple with the Polaroid Now. This series is an evolution of the original Polaroid OneStep cameras from the ‘70s that made photography effortless for everyone. The Now takes that simplicity and adds greater creative control, clean design, and vibrant color to make it more than a moment maker — but a life accessory.

    His art in your hands.

    Hold on to Keith Haring’s artistic legacy forever with this special edition Polaroid Now camera featuring his love of bold color and illustrations that take on a life of their own.

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    Every legacy has its hero.

    Learn more about the life, art, and spirit of Keith Haring.

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    Accurate, human-friendly flash system

    A flash system designed to make everyone look how they actually look.

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    Double Exposure

    Dreamy. Artistic. Overlay two shots into one Polaroid photograph.

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    A 9 second timer for the perfect selfie or set-up shot

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