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    B&W 8x10 Film

    € 189.99

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    • Fresh film directly from the source

    • Made with pride in the Netherlands

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    • Limited to 3 packs per customer

    For the analog at heart. From the factory to the processing, our 8x10 black and white film is for those who like to take things slow. For large format cameras to give you detail and clarity like no other film can. Get 10 photos in every pack.

    Inside Polaroid 8x10 Film

    The film that rewards your patience. Our large format integral film is made by hand and processed by hand. It’s slightly different to the original 8x10 peel-apart film from Polaroid, but still needs the tools and technical know-how to bring it to life. The artist film that’s truly a labor of love.

    Large format

    Get outstanding resolution in a size that’s ready to display at your next exhibition.

    Image Alt Text
    Image Alt Text

    Processed by hand

    You will need a Polaroid film holder and processor to bring your moment to life.

    Image Alt Text

    Develops in 5-10 minutes

    Watch one of the most complex chemical processes in the world develop in front of you.

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    Handmade in the Netherlands

    It’s a delicate process to create our 8x10 film, so we get humans - not machines - to make it.

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