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From mundane to marvelous with Cristian Bravo Fernandez

Once inside Cristian Bravo Fernandez's head, you'll find that a spoon is much more than just a spoon. Nothing but your perception restricts the possibilities of an ordinary object in his eyes. His world is playful, fun and full of surprises. With his curious mind, he ventures to uncover hidden beauty nestled within the mundane fabric of everyday life. Which is why he was the perfect photographer to interpret the line: "Real Life is sometimes unintentionally beautiful". To bring the line to life, we equipped him with a Polaroid Generation 2 instant camera.

Unconcerned with grand spectacles and extraordinary encounters, Cristian strolled along the streets without a sense of particular focus. Instead, his fascination always gravitates towards the overlooked and understated moments, drawing him closer to the subtle nuances that allow him to explore, analyze and interpret the world around him.

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While this was Cristian's usual process, the Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 instant camera was a new tool - the first time he experienced the Polaroid format. Naturally, the two were a match, with Cristian calling out the camera's proclivity towards spontaneity.

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"When we capture Polaroid photography we are not seeking perfection, we look for something else."

For Cristian, that "something else" emerges through either mastering, playing, or experimenting with the simplicity of Polaroid photography. The medium allows him to capture unique characteristics and results that cannot be replicated in any other format. When it comes to shooting Polaroid photography, Cristian believes that expectations have no place in the process and the unexpected is exactly what we look for.

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When capturing his world, being fully present and actively seeking are paramount. By staying alert and prepared to seize life's fleeting moments, the chances of capturing those elusive, beautiful instances multiply. After years of street photography honing his eye, finding these moments now feels like little rewards.

"I go on daily walks with my camera and let myself be surprised but without the need of anything spectacular happening."

It's not just about timing; it's about vision too. Through the eyes of Cristian, beauty is everywhere you look. Imagine if you take any everyday object, something so familiar it's practically mundane, and set aside what you think you know about it. If we approach our surroundings like a wide-eyed explorer, as if we're experiencing them for the very first time, it's a whole different experience. A whole new world is waiting for us if we can look at the ordinary with fresh eyes and let ourselves fall in love with reality all over again.

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He explains his passion for analog and Polaroid photography and describes the unique experiences these mediums bring. The limitations and responsibilities of shooting film compel him to emphasize the process more than the result. For him, photography is a powerful tool to transform reality into an emotional experience, highlighting the significance of art in capturing and mirroring life's essence.

Cristian's unique process and vision remind us that life's wildness and surprises can be seen through any lens or perspective. His vision has no expectations and will always allow him to be surprised. No matter how life unfolds, whether captured or interpreted, its inherent beauty will always shine through.

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