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Patience, process and Polaroid photography with Andre D. Wagner

Take a walk through the streets of Brooklyn, and you might stumble upon the talented photographer Andre D. Wagner, immersed in capturing and connecting with the city. From bustling neighbourhoods to lively parades and even public transportation, he uses the city as a backdrop to delve into the intricacies of the American social landscape. With a sharp focus on race, class, cultural identity, and community, Andre's work weaves together a poetic exploration.

Andre's technique embodies the virtues of time and patience. Whether connecting with people, absorbing the environment, or meticulously processing his black and white images, he demonstrates an exceptional dedication to his craft. With this approach in mind, we thought he'd make a unique interpretation of the line: "Real Life is having to wait" through the lens of our Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 instant camera.

"The Polaroid camera is so engaging, and I believe that's truly one of the beautiful aspects of it."

Amid life's hustle and bustle, Andre captured those fleeting moments of waiting that are an inevitable part of our existence. From the young woman absorbed in a book to the man at the train stop to the youth anticipating their street food, his photographs freeze these instances in time, slowing down the fast-paced world around us.

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For Andre, waiting is not just an on-the-surface thing; it also has a deep beauty. Whether creating art, cooking, taking leisurely strolls, or nurturing friendships, he embraces waiting and what might come from it. He firmly believes in the power of patience, recognizing that good things take time.

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"We all have to have patience in this life. I'm a firm believer in good things taking time."

This philosophy extends to his photography too, where Andre knows the significance of being present. He's learned to tune into the current moment, deciphering the visual cues that signal the perfect moment to seize a scene's
extraordinary qualities. For Andre, achieving it requires wholehearted immersion in the present, and as his mantra reminds him, "It's always right

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And when it comes to Andre's preferred medium, analog photography, the parallels with waiting align pretty close. Instant gratification takes a backseat here and Andre is able to exercise his vision and intention. Each photograph he captures is a deliberate act guided by his focus, purpose, and artistic instincts.

Enter the world of Polaroid photography, where patience takes center stage. Like his usual analog process, he knows the photograph doesn't appear in a mere blink of an eye. No, a Polaroid photo takes approximately 15 minutes to develop fully. In those moments of anticipation, something exciting happens. Andre's exploration of time, patience, and the beauty in everyday moments
reminds us that not everything great occurs instantly. He believes in the value of waiting, whether for important moments in life or the development of a Polaroid picture. The wait will always be worth it.

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