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    Polaroid P4 Bluetooth Speaker Stage Set

    € 359.98

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    Polaroid P4 Bluetooth Speaker
    Polaroid P4 Bluetooth Speaker
    Our most powerful music player
    Polaroid P4 Music Stand
    Polaroid P4 Music Stand
    Stand for Polaroid P4 player
    • Our most powerful music player

    • Up to 15 hours of playback time

    • Stand to take over the stage

    Looks great, sounds great. Get our most powerful Polaroid speaker with a matching stand to meet the party wherever it’s at. A sleek, durable stand with two heights to choose from.

    Loud and


    Our most powerful music player looks as good as it sounds. Premium sound and design that’s ready to take center stage.

    Check out the video to discover all general features.

    Use two to


    Sync two P4 Players together for stereo sound that’s twice as nice.

    Let music take control.

    The free Polaroid Music app lets you control your Polaroid player with its analog dial, so you can change the music without picking up your phone. Available for Polaroid P2, P3 and P4 players.

    Get the App:

    App Store / Google Play

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    Music to your ears.

    Take your party up a notch—or down a notch—with two different height settings.

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