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    Polaroid Lab & David Bowie i-Type Film Single Pack

    € 149.98

    Polaroid Lab Instant Printer
    The Polaroid Lab instant printer turns digital moments on your phone into real-life Polaroid photographs. Create collages or use augmented reality to bring your moments to life.
    Color film for i-Type - David Bowie Edition
    For the Rebel Rebels: each pack contains 8 (of 10) unique frames inspired by the iconic artwork and imagery of classic David Bowie albums. It's the perfect film for capturing that Bowie spirit and its enduring influence on the sound and vision of today. 
    • Your very own Polaroid photo printer

    • Frames inspired by Bowie’s aesthetics

    • 8 (of 10) unique Bowie frames per pack

    The Polaroid Lab Instant Printer uses 100% real film chemistry to become your very own desktop darkroom. You can now turn the shots on your phone into real life Polaroid snaps and collages. Pair it with a single pack of special edition Bowie i-Type film, and you've got everything you need to get out there and capture that rebellious energy that lives on, today.

    Phone to Polaroid™️

    Give them the power to create their own tangible Polaroid photos. The Polaroid Lab Instant Printer uses a 3-lens system to project their phone screen’s image onto real Polaroid film.

    Collages made easy

    Let them curate their own artworks. Through the Polaroid app, they can turn a photo into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition they see fit.

    Unique, iconic Bowie film

    There are 10 unique frames, all inspired by the iconic artwork and imagery of classic David Bowie albums. Each pack includes 8 of the 10 frames. Experiment and explore with them to see how each frame works with your subject.

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