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    Polaroid Go Generation 2 Instant Camera

    € 99.99


    • The smallest instant camera in the world

    • Classic look made of 30% recycled materials

    • Improved pictures

    Capture real life on the Go. Our most portable, wearable, take anywhere-able Polaroid Go Generation 2 instant camera has been upgraded with a large aperture range, precise light sensor, and on-point-exposure settings to make your pictures even better.
    It’s really small (the smallest instant camera in the world) but comes with big creative potential featuring a selfie mirror, self-timer, double exposure, and can be paired with its own teeny tiny color filters. All in the classic design, and now made with 30% recycled materials. Compatible with Polaroid Go film, our smallest Polaroid instant film format.

    Capture Real Life

    Sometimes it's messy and unexpected. It's beautifully imperfect - just like Polaroid Photography. Capture it with new Polaroid Go Generation 2 instant camera.

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    Small film, big energy.

    Capture the beautifully imperfect on our truly pocket-sized film that comes in classic white or matte-black frames.

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    Get Go-ing

    Here's everything you need to know to nail that first photo on the Polaroid Go camera or check our Go's tips and articles to help you get started.

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