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    Black & Green 600 Film – Duochrome Edition

    € 14.99

    • Iconic Polaroid square format

    • Limited Edition

    • Made with pride in the Netherlands

    • Compatible with Polaroid 600, Now, Now+ and Lab*

    Add a different kind of beauty to abstract, portrait, and architectural photography with our bold, electric green Duochrome on black frame. It's certainly not for everyone: striking and challenging*, it's for those of us who see the world a little differently. For Polaroid 600 cameras and i-Type cameras, plus the Polaroid Lab.

    *Because of the extreme experimental nature of the product, we cannot guarantee stable results. Therefore, we sell this product at a reduced price. We do not accept refunds related to defects or faults of any kind.

    Unique chemistry. Striking results.

    We use a mix of Yellow & Cyan dye to create the Green Duochrome paste. It’s an experimental formulation that leads to a challenging, unique 'sunspot' mottled effect. This mottling leads to very unpredictable, one-off creative results... meaning when you get it right, you get it really right.

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    The best way to use it?

    There's nothing quite like abstract, portrait, or architectural photography taken with Green Duochrome film. It creates truly surreal, one-of-a-kind artwork that you won't find anywhere else.

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    Up for the challenge?

    If you're ready to test the Green Duochrome (and yourself), be sure to check out these useful tips and tricks from fellow bold creators.

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    Image Alt Text

    Battery inside

    Vintage cameras don’t have a rechargeable battery, so there’s one inside every film pack.

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    Develops in 5-10 minutes

    Watch one of the most complex chemical processes in the world bring your moment to life.

    Made with pride in the Netherlands

    Made with pride in the Netherlands

    All of our film is made in Enschede: the last Polaroid film factory in the world.

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