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Polaroid I-2 Camera - Instantly Incredible Portrait

The secret to a beautiful portrait is achieving a lovely depth of field: the perfect contrast between the subject in focus and a blurry background. Here's how.

1. Make sure that your subject is well lit but always shoot away from your light source. The best conditions are outside on a bright day, or inside with loads of natural light.

2. If you're shooting in low-light or see a "shaking hand" appear in the viewfinder, hold your camera as still as possible-or even better use a steady surface or tripod. You can also use the flash.

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3. Make sure you're in Auto mode, then manually select the lowest ƒ/ Number (largest aperture) available. This wav you'll put the subject fully in focus and blur the surroundings.

4. For the lovely depth of field, get about an arm's length away from your subject (around 0.5m).

5. Using the centre of the [ ] to aim. Half-press the shutter button to lock the focus. Keep the button half-pressed while composing your shot.

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6. Frame your subject within this area of the viewfinder. For a well-composed portrait, don't forget to experiment and get creative with your surroundings.

7. Your incredible portrait is ready to take! Fully press the shutter button. Your photo will eject under the film shield. Gently lift the film shield to retrieve it.

8. Place the photo face down and wait for it to fully develop. Then keep it, frame it, share it. love it-and do it all again!

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