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Polaroid I-2 Camera - Experiment with Light Painting

With the I-2, you can experiment with a moving light source (like a flashlight) while taking long exposure shots, and let light be your paintbrush.

1. Set Manual mode to control the aperture and shutter speed.

2. In a very dark environment or even in complete darkness, mount the I-2 on a tripod or place it on a steady surface.

3. Select a small aperture (e.g. ƒ/64) to make sure the scene is fully in focus.

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4. Select a long shutter speed (e.g. 30s or even « Bulb ») to decide when to end the exposure.

5. Turn off the flash, press the shutter button to start the exposure.

6. Point your light source towards your subject to illuminate the parts of your (super still) subject you want exposed.

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7. Or if you don't want to focus on your subject – point your light source towards the camera lens to create light trails. Tip: if you want to write letters / numbers / draw, do it mirrored (right to left) so it shows the right way around on the final picture.

8. You can also 'freeze' your subject and paint with light around them. Just turn the flash on, start the exposure with a flash, then get 'painting' for the rest of the exposure time.

9. Experiment with different colored light sources to add more expression to your pictures or try different lengths of exposure for out-of-this-world creative results.

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