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How to use the Polaroid Go camera.

Creativity never stops, so you need a camera that’s ready to go! Here’s everything you need to know to capture the perfect first photo on the Polaroid Go camera.

To see how it’s done, watch a demonstration with our friend Ben from “In an Instant,” or read on for step-by-step tips and illustrations.


Turn on the Polaroid Go camera by pressing the ON | OFF button. The film counter display will show you how many photos you have left. It should be at ‘0’.


Slide the film door button across and pull the door open.


Match the color on the film cassette with the color indicated on the camera. Slide the thick end of the cassette in first and let it drop into place. Leave the pull tab on as you will need that later to remove the empty film pack.


Close the film door until it clicks. The darkslide covered by the film shield will eject.


Remove the darkslide and allow the film shield to roll back in.


Aim at your subject and press the shutter button. The flash will trigger automatically. Be careful you don’t cover the flash with your finger.

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Try a selfie. The viewfinder has its own reflective selfie mirror. Place yourself in the middle of it then take the photo.

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The photo will eject underneath the film shield. Leave it there for 5 seconds. Then gently lift the film shield and let it roll back in. Remove the photo.

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Don’t shake the photo! Place your photo in a dark place or face down on a flat surface to shield it from light. Follow the development time on the film pack.

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With these simple steps, a big bright world of creativity awaits you. Learn more about other features of the Polaroid Go camera, like how to take a selfie and how to take double exposure photos with our tutorials. Share your photos with #PolaroidGO and #GoCreate to show us what you’ve got.

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