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    Polaroid Lab & Metallic Spectrum Film Single Pack

    • Turn digital to the original Polaroid square frame

    • Rechargeable battery

    • Fresh film directly from the source

    • Iconic Polaroid square format

    The Polaroid Lab Instant Printer is for that DIY-type of creator. Using 100% real film chemistry, it becomes their very own desktop darkroom, turning the shots on their phone into real life Polaroid snaps and collages. Pair it with single pack of Metallic Spectrum Frames i-Type color film, and they have everything they need to make their shots POP.

    Phone to Polaroid™️

    Give them the power to create their own tangible Polaroid photos. The Polaroid Lab Instant Printer uses a 3-lens system to project their phone screen’s image onto real Polaroid film.

    Collages made easy

    Let them curate their own artworks. Through the Polaroid app, they can turn a photo into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition they see fit.

    Radiance in gradient

    8 instant photographs per pack, in the original, iconic Polaroid square format, finished in a variety of flowing color gradients with a metallic sheen.

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