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    The Polaroid Go and P1 Wayfarer Set

    € 174.98

    Polaroid Go Instant Camera
    Polaroid Go Instant Camera
    Get out there and capture life on the Go with the world’s smallest instant camera.
    Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack
    Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack
    Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack
    Polaroid P1 Bluetooth Speaker
    Polaroid P1 Bluetooth Speaker
    Super-portable speaker
    • The smallest instant camera in the world

    • Our most portable music player

    • Works with our smallest Polaroid film

    • Mix and match colors

    For those of us who are always chasing the horizon, there’s the Polaroid Go P1 Set. Coming with a Polaroid Go—our portable, wearable, take-anywhere-able instant camera—and a P1, our most portable music player, you can make the most of wherever your creative flow takes you. Add a Polaroid Go wrist strap and a pack of Polaroid Go film to this set, and now you’ve got Polaroid Go on one wrist, your P1 playing tunes on the other, and everything you need to create on the Go.

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    Create on the Go!

    Portable, wearable, and take-anywhere-able. The Polaroid Go camera is your new partner in creativity.

    Use two to tango.

    Tap two P1 Players together for stereo sound that’s twice as nice.

    Any vibe, anywhere.

    The Polaroid P1 comes with a handy carabiner clip. Just squeeze it and clip it to you, so the tunes can always tag along.

    Check out the video to discover all general features.

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