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    Duochrome film for 8x10 - Black & Yellow Edition x5

    € 789.99

    € 999.95

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      Yellow Duochrome film chemistry

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      8x10 format for intense clarity

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      A new 8x10 innovation, handmade in Enschede, the last Polaroid factory in the world

    Yellow, the world’s most underappreciated color, is coming to Duochrome film - and for the first time ever, as 8x10 film! In a silver frame, and with our unique Duochrome film chemistry that combines black and white film with yellow dye, you’ll have the most contrasting, intensely clear shots of any of our limited edition films. For use with only 8x10 cameras with a Polaroid film holder and processor.

    *Because of the expired date of the product, we cannot guarantee stable results. Therefore, we sell this product at a reduced price. We do not accept refunds related to defects or faults of any kind.

    The Exciting world of Expired Film

    When Polaroid film expires, it develops a whole new world of weird and wonderful color. We chatted with Eddie Sunday to learn more about embracing this unpredictable and otherworldly process.

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