Statement of Clarification on NBC Nightly News Story

  • Thursday, February 25, 2016

Statement of Clarification on NBC Nightly News Story

On February 18, NBC Nightly News aired a story about the resurgence of instant photography in the digital era and Polaroid's role in that cultural phenomenon. Polaroid was pleased to be featured in the segment, and, through it, to have an opportunity for our President and CEO to highlight some of the ways in which our iconic brand and our instant products continue to fuel this resurgence.

The Feb. 18 segment also featured a company called Photo & Go ( It has come to our attention that the segment may have inadvertently led viewers to believe that there is an affiliation between the two companies. This is not the case. Photo & Go is not a Polaroid licensee, nor is the company in any way affiliated with Polaroid or authorized to utilize our brand or any of our trademarks in its marketing efforts.

We are confident that any confusion arising from this segment with respect to the relationship between Polaroid and Photo & Go was unintentional on the part of NBC. We are, nevertheless, compelled to clarify these critically important facts.

The Polaroid Brand
Polaroid is one of the most trusted, well-respected and recognizable brands with a rich 75-year history beginning with Polaroid instant film. Our range of products include instant and digital still cameras, high-definition and mountable sports video cameras, tablets and flat-screen TVs that deliver the fun, instant gratification and value for which the brand has long stood. Today, the Polaroid Classic Border Logo rooted in our beginnings of instant photo sharing serves to designate genuine Polaroid branded products.  For more information, visit

Polaroid, Polaroid & Pixel, Polaroid Color Spectrum and Polaroid Classic Border Logo are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC.

Tracey Benjamini
R&J Strategic Communications