Polaroid is recognized around the world and is synonymous with the kind of fun and sharing that Blipfoto is all about.

Joe Tree, Blipfoto Founder

Polaroid Partners with Blipfoto to Usher in a New Era in Online Photo Sharing

  • Friday, January 2, 2015

Polaroid Blipfoto is the unique online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their lives with just one photo each day.

January 2, 2015 – Polaroid and Blipfoto, the award-winning online photo journal and social network, today announced a partnership launching Polaroid Blipfoto, inspiring people around the world to save and share the little moments that make life special. Polaroid Blipfoto is the unique online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their lives with just one photo each day.

With just one photo saved to remember the day, finding family holidays, birthdays and major life events is as easy as the click of a button – but it’s the everyday moments that often bring back the most surprising happy memories.

“People used to save their precious photos in a shoebox, looking through them and smiling at each special memory and sharing them with friends.  Digital cameras have changed this forever and now 1.8 billion new images are being taken every day,” said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. “As more and more consumers gain access to connected devices, this number is sure to grow exponentially, and that’s great; however, the truth is that the majority of these photos have little meaning or impact. Ingrained within our DNA at Polaroid is the desire to help others capture and share life’s most meaningful moments, and that’s why we’re so excited to partner with Blipfoto. With Polaroid Blipfoto, we’re encouraging users to stop, take a step back and focus on one image that defines their day. It’s a way to build a personal history and journal that’s authentic and allows users to document their lives and make an emotional connection to not just what they share, but how they share it.”

Originally a personal project of founder Joe Tree, Blipfoto began as his own photo journal, a place where he uploaded one photo and a few words to encapsulate his day. The idea started to spread with word of mouth, and Blipfoto has since amassed a global community from over 170 countries, recording 5 million days of human history. But the numbers behind Blipfoto’s growth are only part of the story. What truly distinguishes Polaroid Blipfoto from other online platforms is the way in which community members use it to curate their images and record their lives.  The Polaroid Blipfoto backstory is one that has been written, and continues to be written by the ordinary people who use it in such thoughtful and inspiring ways.  Today, Polaroid Blipfoto is available across all mobile devices, with free apps for Android and iPhone, and can also be accessed via the web portal.

Polaroid Blipfoto offers a clean and uncluttered ad-free interface that allows users to easily upload their images and document their experiences. Basic accounts are free with premium features available to full members. Polaroid Blipfoto encourages all members to ‘be excellent to each other’ to make the site a place where users feel free to share their unique and inspirational stories, which is what truly makes the site so unique. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership as Blipfoto and Polaroid are so perfectly aligned,” said Blipfoto founder, Joe Tree. “We’ve experienced significant organic growth as our community has come to appreciate the unique value that our service brings. We’re empowering them to share their lives and preserve those little moments, which in time become precious memories, in a way they couldn’t before. With Polaroid Blipfoto, they have a place of reflection that they can look back on to relive memories and the emotions that accompanied them.  Polaroid is recognized around the world and is synonymous with the kind of fun and sharing that Blipfoto is all about.”

Polaroid Blipfoto will be at CES 2015 in the Polaroid booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, #13614.   For more information and to experience Polaroid Blipfoto please visit

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About Polaroid Blipfoto
Polaroid Blipfoto is a free online photo journal. It allows people around the world keep a simple record of their daily life, by taking and sharing one photo to represent their day. Polaroid Blipfoto is an amazing way of capturing the little moments that make life special and has grown into global community, from over 170 countries, who have recorded 5 million days of human history. Polaroid Blipfoto is free to use and available to everyone - because life’s worth celebrating, every day.

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