Polaroid Fotobar Celebrates Celebrity with Four New Exhibits at The Polaroid Museum

  • Thursday, March 20, 2014

LAS VEGAS (March 20, 2014) – Polaroid Fotobar is proud to announce four amazing new exhibits that will debut at The Polaroid Museum this spring inside The LINQ in Las Vegas. All four exhibits by Lucas Michael, Maurizio Galimberti, Marc Serota and Maripol capture the excitement, mystère and sometimes even mundaneness of some of pop culture’s most celebrated celebrities. 

Michael’s exhibit is the very essence of celebrating the celebrity. For the past two years, the Argentine-American has been commissioned by New York Magazine to photograph the lucky celebrities after they’ve received their Golden Globe awards. After exiting the stage and walking through the venue’s kitchen, the winners encountered Michael in a crate-filled hallway ready to capture them in all their post-win glory with his Polaroid Big Shot camera.

Michael was inspired to work with this particular Polaroid camera because it was a favorite of Andy Warhol, who also has an exhibit at The Polaroid Museum. 

“Without Andy Warhol, I would've never known of the Polaroid Big Shot camera,” Michael says. “This camera has a very specific set of parameters that allow all photographs to be uniformly composed and lit. This creates a wonderful sense of continuity within the series, and the physical closeness to the subject creates a sense of intimacy that I find very effective when dealing with celebrities.”

Some of Michael’s most memorable shots from the 2013 Golden Globes, including Bryan Cranston, Ben Affleck, the cast of Girls, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Daniel Day-Lewis, will be displayed at The Polaroid Museum. 

Galimberti began working with Polaroid cameras in 1983 after developing an appreciation for the cameras’ immediate results and ease of manipulation. His new exhibit at The Polaroid Museum takes the idea of a celebrity portrait to a whole other level by turning their photos into an abstract, large-scale mosaic. Galimberti pieced together small-format Polaroid prints that capture his subjects from all angles. The result is a fragmented, distorted, but highly mesmerizing image that truly displays every side of the celebrity. His portraits of Kate Winslet, Benicio del Toro and Javier Bardem will be on display at the museum.

Serota has witnessed and captured some of the world’s largest and most significant events while working as a photojournalist for Reuters, the Associated Press and Getty Images. He has covered everything from rock concerts and Super Bowls, to the Olympics and the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Though Serota relied on his Polaroid camera throughout much of his career, his real affection for it shines through in his personal project, which will be featured at the museum.

Serota utilized a multi-step, image-transfer process to create a large body of Polaroid portrait prints, or “pictorial biographies,” that showcase some of the entertainment industry’s top icons, including Paul McCartney, Roger Daltry, Kenny Rogers and Gloria Estefan. Serota created his transfer art while on tour with McCartney. At the time, he was also doing editorial work for Rolling Stone and Details magazines, in addition to his work in the fashion industry for clients like North Beach Leather.

Maripol was a hugely influential photographer during the 1980s when New York’s Lower East Side was a hotbed of creative activity. A native of France, Maripol used her Polaroid camera to soak up the vibrant scene of the “see and be seen.” Her camera served as a time capsule of sorts, instantly documenting the fleeting club and fashion cultures of the time. Nightclubs such as Mudd Club, Danceteria, CBGB, Area and Palladium served as the homes away from home for some of today’s biggest stars, though they were only up-and-comers at the time. Maripol’s selection of 75 snapshots that will appear at the museum show a young Madonna dancing the night away, Debbie Harry in a red sailor suit and Andy Warhol walking the streets on a chilly New York night.

The works of these four artists will join other exhibits, including Warhol’s “Capturing Celebrity;” Tim Mantoani’s “Behind Photographs;” and the world-famous 20x24 Polaroid camera at The Polaroid Museum. The museum will also feature a history on Polaroid founder Edwin Land, as well as an extensive collection of rare artifacts, art and advertising from the Polaroid Historical Collection at MIT. The Polaroid Museum and flagship store open in Las Vegas this spring. The store will open on March 31, while the museum will debut April 17.

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