Polaroid and Lady Gaga Announce the New GL10 Instant Mobile Printer

  • Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Next Generation of the Polaroid Instant Printing Experience, the GL10 Frees Digital Images, Placing Them In the Palm of Your Hand

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2011 - Polaroid today announced that the billions of digital images trapped on hard drives and cell phones around the world can now experience the joy of Polaroid instant printing with the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer.  The first product in Polaroid and Lady Gaga's new Polaroid Grey Label line, the GL10 features a small size, intuitive design and easy-to-use feature set that produces Polaroid Classic Border, full bleed and contemporary 3x4'' photos in less than one minute - making it a portable photo booth that allows you to bring Polaroid magic wherever you go.

Designed by Polaroid and Lady Gaga as both a creative tool and fashion accessory, the GL10 gives your digital photos more power and emotion than a like" button ever could. Bring it to a party. Pack it in your carry-on bag. Play with it in the office. No matter where you take itthe GL10 breathes new life into the digital images that shape our stories.