MIT Museum's Polaroid Exhibit to Feature Exclusive Lady Gaga Polaroid Photograph; Bobby Sager Announced as Polaroid's New Chairm

  • Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Polaroid Celebrates Its Legacy, Reinvention and Vision Toward the Future

Cambridge, MA (June 30, 2010) –
Polaroid today gathered at the MIT Museum to celebrate the brand’s rich 73-year history and bright future. Polaroid presented an exclusive photo of Lady Gaga, Polaroid’s Creative Director, to the MIT Museum that will become a part of the Polaroid artifacts at the museum, while naming Bobby Sager as Chairman of the Board for Polaroid.

The Polaroid artifacts are of major significance to the MIT Museum not only for its intrinsic technical and historical value but because of Dr. Edwin Land's strong connections with MIT" said Deborah Douglasthe MIT Museum's curator of science and technology."Our present display celebrates this extraordinary gift but we are already beginning plans to showcase the artifacts in a way that not only explains the technologybut also will feature the personal stories about the people who developed and used these amazing innovations including Lady Gaga and her role as Polaroid's new Creative Director."