Lady Gaga Leads Polaroid Creative Session In Tokyo

  • Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Saturday April 17th, Lady Gaga, the Polaroid Creative Director, led a creative team meeting in Tokyo to collaborate on designs for upcoming co-branded products. Tokyo was an inspirational setting for the meeting, and Lady Gaga was truly visionary in her role. The excitement for these upcoming products was palpable, the joy and spirit of Lady Gaga touched everyone in the room. We can’t wait to share more about the creative process and these one-of-a-kind products

It’s very clear from our first few sessions that she is a creative tour-de-force, and a key player on the Polaroid team.  We all know Lady Gaga as a creative artist, but she’s also proving her tech savvy. The partnership is all channeling Lady Gaga’s fashion sense to create innovative products with her fans in mind.  

The collaboration will deliver new products that mix the best of “instant” with digital era multi-media.  Lady Gaga has a personal connection to the Polaroid experience that she wants to share with the world through the introduction of products that will appeal to a new generation –building on the Polaroid movement into the future.