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How can I fix my internet connection?

1. If you are home and trying to connect to the internet, make sure you have a wireless router – a WiFi connection. (We find that some customers are new to the tablet market and are trying to connect through traditional dial up modems, etc.)

2. Make sure you are using the correct password for your router. You can also check the box labeled "Show Password" when typing it in to make sure you are entering the correct password.
(If you are recieving the "Obtaining IP address" message and the search stops and tries again in a continuous loop, then press the router name you are trying to connect to then press "Forget" and re-enter using the correct password.)

3. Make sure your router is up to date with the latest drivers / firmwares. Do this by calling the manufacturer's support line. Be sure to have your model number on hand (usually found on the back or the bottom of the device).

4. Your router may need to be updated. Many Android users who cannot connect to Wifi have called their internet providers and had their routers firmwared or replaced. In many cases, this corrects the non-connectivity issue.

5. You may need to call your internet provider to get the static IP address and manually input these number into the tablet. Note: Get the following 5 pieces of information from the internet provider: IP Address, Gateway, Netmask, DNS 1, DNS 2. When you have these numbers, do the following:

A. Open the "Settings" app
B. Select "Wireless and Networks"
C. Select "Wifi Settings"
D. Press the "Menu" hard button (bottom of tablet)
E. Select "Advanced"
F. Select "Use Static IP" (check box will be highlighted)
G. Enter the information received from the internet provider.
H. You should now be able to connect. If this does not help, then you may need to turn off the encryption on your router.
Note: Turning off the encryption on your router may help to connect, but we do not recommend this option as it will disable privacy settings on your network.

6. If you have a tablet that will not connect ANYWHERE then the unit may need to be replaced. You can check this by trying to connect at a Starbucks or somewhere where they have free Wi-Fi, as these routers will be up to date. This will be a rare case though, as we have found that most customers simply need a firmware or hardware upgrade to their routers and/or a firmware upgrade to the tablet.



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